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Saturday, July 1st, is a day that most Cenral New Yorkers will not forget any time soon. Understand,  just a short 5 months back we were subjected to snow totals that this area has not seen in decades.

This was a weekend to celebrate our countrys' birthday. Celebrate, with friends and families and celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago.  Everyone had big plans. Family barbecues, projects, or just doing whatever you wanted to do. I think we all will agree that no one expected what was to come

Anyone who has lived here long enough knows outdoor plans change on a moments notice and sometime without notice at all. I think we all can agree that no one saw this coming.

For those of you that have read my blogs; you know I've moved somewhere in the range of 16 - 19 times all around the country. I've lived where it's colder than a well digers fanny.  Our neighborhood was hit by torrential rain this past weekend. Some of my neighbors had 2 feet of water in their basement, or as little as a few inches.  We were fortunate to only have a few inches of water in our basement.  What I can tell you is I had neighbors reach out to us and ask "do you need our help", "what can we do for you", "if you need me, just call!"  In the wake of this horrible storm it seems to bring out the best in Central New Yorkers.  Property value has just gone up...not because of the structure we reside in, but because of the people our home surrounds.



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