The Beatles are the subject of what’s rumored to be the most expensive pinball machine of all time, according to industry sources.

Set around the band’s record-breaking year of 1964 – when, at one point, they held the Top 5 Billboard Hot 100 chart positions at the same time – the limited-edition Beatlemania game is a collaboration between Stern and Ka-Pow; a total of 1,964 machines will be released.

The Beatles Store confirmed that 100 Diamond editions, 250 Platinum editions and 1,614 Gold editions would be on sale on an unconfirmed date.

You can watch a preview video clip below.

“This game has been designed with a classic look and feel to it, following a similar pattern used in games before they had ramps, toys and other fancy things,” Arcade Heroes reported. “It features four flippers, a playfield spinning disc with a magnet, eleven drop targets, the full color LCD screen and a classic bell sound for a vertical spinner.”

The article noted that while "pricing has not been revealed yet, after posting this I received a couple of messages from different people ‘in the know’ suggesting that the Diamond Edition could be the most expensive pinball machine of all time. We’ll see for certain once Stern unveils the prices.”

The Fab Four’s chart assault of April 4, 1964, remains one-of-a-kind in music history. “Can’t Buy Me Love” was at No. 1, “Twist and Shout” at No. 2, “She Loves You” at No. 3, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” at No. 4 and “Please Please Me” at No. 5. The band had visited the U.S. the previous month.

"At first, few of the reporters could remember which Beatle was which," a report on the group's arrival of the time said. "But by the end of their two-week visit to America, each of them had become a distinct personality. Each of them, in fact, had become a star."


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