The Beatles will soon be hitting the big screen once again. Recently restored footage of the group’s first full concert in the United States at the Washington Coliseum in Washington, D.C. will be shown in movie theaters next month.

‘The Beatles: The Lost Concert’ documents the band’s first full U.S. concert appearance. It was originally filmed for the big screen, but never made it. The concert footage was ‘lost’ and has remained unseen in its entirety for over 47 years. The film captures the Beatles at their most raw and rocking. The bare bones PA and stage gear is something to behold. Remember, this was in the days before deluxe staging, roadies, monitors or any of the luxuries soon-to-be par for the course.

One of the more interesting moments of the show is when the band literally moves the equipment to face a different side of the audience. Ringo gets off his drum stool and they spin the drum riser around, and move the amps to face another section of the crowd. It’s amazing to think how concerts were in their infancy like this. The band are charged up and plough through a nearly 40-minute set of primal rock and roll.

In addition to the actual concert footage, a brief mini documentary tells the story of The Beatles first visit to the U.S. using original interviews and historical footage. The documentary features commentary from journalists and historians as well as fans who attended the original 1964 concert. New interviews with rockers like Chuck Berry, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and the Strokes are also included.

The Beatles: The Lost Concert will be shown in a limited engagement at theaters across the United States on May 17 and 22, with a special premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater in Manhattan on May 6.

Watch The Trailer Here

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