Why bark at the moon when you can just flash it instead? That’s what Kelly Osbourne decided to do, anyway.

The scion of metal legend Ozzy Osbourne recently posted a racy picture of her backside in barely there thong on her instagram account.  “It's not a #FullMoon but it feels like one," she wrote in the caption.

In the picture, Osbourne is kneeling on a chair with her back to the camera, clad in a black tank top with her jeans lowered around her thighs. Also in the picture is hairstylist Ryan Randall, holding a bouquet of flowers.

Earlier this year, the fashion police hostess called off her engagement with chef Matthew Mosshart. Since the split she’s been enjoying the single life and has been pictured hanging out with Puff Daddy’s stepson Quincey Combs.

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