There are some that view their cars as more than just a motor vehicle -- it's also a vehicle for self-expression. We've all seen those cars plastered with dozens of bumper stickers. Some people like to take it one step further with a personalized vanity plate.

Ever since the "Assman" episode of Seinfeld, I've been fascinated with personalized license plates. Some plates offer a glimpse into the person's personality, whether it be a hobby they enjoy, something about their chosen profession, or a tribute to the type of car they're driving.


seller Celebrity Machines via Amazon
seller Celebrity Machines via Amazon

Others are like a riddle... you can tell that the plate is a personalized plate, but you sit there scratching your head trying to decipher its meaning. I'll give you an example of this. My friend said he saw a plate in New York that read "PITACLSK" and tried to get some ideas from Facebook on what it could possibly mean. "Pita Classic"? "Pain-in-the-Ass Classic"? Someone named Dr. Pitac who performs Lasik surgery? Lots of questions with that one.

But when you see a clever one out on the road, you can't help but tip your cap. Some of the best ones leave you thinking "Why didn't I think of that?" Others just seem to serve the purpose of making their fellow motorists chuckle, and THOSE are my favorite.

I decided to spend some time over at the DMV's Personalized Plate page and plug a bunch of weird stuff into the search bar to see if you could actually get these plates. Of the 13 bizarre plates I generated, you can legitimately order all of them.

Check out these 13 weird personalized license plates you can get in New York right now:

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