Most of the time, when I'm on excursions with the family, I like to check out places that are typically hidden gems, or not as well known as some other places.  Ausable Chasm is definitely not one of them.

Over the holiday weekend, we headed north (and a little bit east) to the town of Keeseville NY, home of Ausable Chasm, or as many of the locals call it...The Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks.  As you can tell from this photo that I took, it certainly has earned the name.

Either I didn't realize just how big of an attraction this was, or it was my poor planning of going there on a holiday weekend, but this place was absolutely slam packed with people wanting to explore the chasm.

We got some good pictures, it was well worth the trip, but we definitely plan to go again and get in a little deeper.

Planning a day trip?  Get more information about Ausable Chasm HERE

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