Fan reaction to 'Arrested Development' season 4 ran the gamut from "brilliant!" to "boring!" but there can be no denying fans of the legendarily irreverent comedy want more -- either as the long-awaited film, or another Netflix season. That wish may officially come true, as reports indicate Netflix has officially entered negotiations for another round of 'Arrested Development!'

The report comes from Variety, which quotes 'Arrested Development' executive producer (and briefly star) Brian Grazer telling Bloomberg that Netflix had officially entered negotiations for a second season. Of course, negotiations are no guarantee of success, considering the "lightning in a bottle" effort Netflix CEO Reed Hastings described in assembling the cast for season 4, but it remains an encouraging sign nonetheless.

Given the mixed reactions to 'Arrested Development' season 4 (the first to be featured as a "semi-original" series on Netflix), one might imagine a potential 'Arrested Development' season 5 to give a stronger push toward shooting the prolific cast together, rather than spacing out appearances or occasionally (and noticeably) green-screening characters into one another's scenes.

Netflix has not yet responded to inquiries for comment, but no doubt the streaming service is current riding high on its original programming, today debuting 13 episodes of 'Weeds' creator Jenji Kohan's 'Orange is the New Black,' which is already renewed for a second season. Netflix also recently opted for a second season of Eli Roth horror thriller 'Hemlock Grove,' albeit slightly reduced in length.

We'll bring you the latest on the Bluth-tastic news of a potential 'Arrested Development' season 5 on Netflix, but what say you? Would you be up for another Netflix season with the family, or would you prefer a feature-length movie to round out the story? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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