Granted, no 'Arrested Development' fans will soon forget the sheer miracle that led to the cancelled FOX comedy coming back for new episodes on Netflix seven years after disbanding, but we couldn't help feeling disappointed by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings' recent comments that additional seasons were an unlikely prospect. The company has since backpedaled, claiming additional orders of the acclaimed cult comedy are indeed possible, but what does series star David Cross have to say about the likelihood, or the potential feature film afterward?

'Arrested Development' will premiere all 14 of its new Netflix episodes this coming May, a date that will surely tear the internet in twain, but that hasn't prevented the show's future from becoming a mystery. Netflix itself recently offered tenuous hope that the streaming service might order additional episodes, despite the sheer "lightning in a bottle" that brought the prolific stars back together in the first place, but what does the actual cast have to say?

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, 'Arrested Development' star David Cross expressed that the Netflix revival could prove "historical" and change the landscape of TV itself, but downplayed the prospect of additional Netflix seasons:

I think we all assumed back then that it was just for one short season of, I believe, 10 episodes, which got expanded [to 14]. But there was never ever any talk or promise of doing an extra season beyond what we were doing. In fact, the initial idea was that we do this season, and then it would lead up to what would be its own one-off movie.

When Cross was asked if the movie had been green-lit or if any deals had begun to formulate, the comic actor replied "oh nothing, nothing at all." Cross' statements reflect similar sentiments from series creator Mitch Hurwitz and fellow star Jason Bateman, both of which have suggested the Netflix episodes serve more as a buildup to a feature film rather than a regular, repeatable season of television.

The new season debuting in May has certainly attracted plenty of attention, featuring original guest turns from the likes of  Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen, Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter, ‘Parks and Recreation‘s’ Ben Schwartz, ‘Up All Night’s’ Chris Diamantopoulos, all three stars of Comedy Central’s ‘Workaholics,’ ‘Mad Men’s’ John Slattery, Isla Fisher and Terry Crews, but what say you?

Are you optimistic about future 'Arrested Development' after the coming Netflix revival? Tell us where you'd want to see the series go in the comments!

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