Winning the lottery is just a dream for most of us, right? Just think about the things we could do with a lottery winning: a new car, home, extravagant trip or just pay off some bills. Well, that dream just may become reality for one person.

A winning Take-5 New York State Lottery ticket was purchased at a Kinney Drugs location in Liverpool. The drawing was May 26th and lottery officials say the winner has yet to come forward. The winning numbers drawn for the top prize of almost $29,000 were 04-07-08-14-31. The lucky winner has one year from the date of the drawing to redeem the winning ticket, otherwise it expires.

Here are some recent lottery winners from the Upstate & Central New York area.

They include:

Dana Walsh/Clinton:  Walsh bought two scratch off tickets at the Kinney Drugs on Franklin Ave. in Clinton during a routine day out running errands. The winning scratch off was the $2,500 a Week for Life ticket. Dana and her husband Robert will receive a total of $2.5 million.

Jesse Vonderhorst/Vancouver, Washington: The 36 Year-Old United States Army member stationed at Fort Drum in Watertown decided to try his luck at a scratch-off ticket. He chose a Wild Bonanza Multiplier. The $20 ticket earned Vonderhorst $5,000,000 which he will receive as a one-time lump sum payment of $3,309,000 after Uncle Sam gets his cut and other withholdings.

David Kowalski/Clay: A Residential Remodeler from Clay in Onondaga County, Kowalski won $10,000,000 with the lottery's 50th anniversary ticket simply called, "The $10,000,000 Cash Ticket". He will receive his prize as a one-time lump sum, which after the required withholdings comes out to $6,618,000.

Congratulations to New York's newest millionaires and good luck to you if you're an avid lottery player.

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