Is it me or did we quickly go from 70 degree end of summer days to crisp 43 degree rainy days here in the Capital Region? With the temps and leaves falling we turn our attention to the holidays and shopping.

When it comes to Thanksgiving there is much to consider. If you are hosting you will need a ton of food (you can never have enough) along with plates, napkins, extra chairs, etc. If you are visiting, bring a bottle of wine or a board game to keep everyone entertained.

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The most important thing you need to know is which New York stores are open and which ones are closed on Thanksgiving for those last minute items.

These New York Stores Will Be Open on Thanksgiving 2021

These New York stores will be open on Thanksgiving but many have limited hours.

These New York Stores Will Be Closed on Thanksgiving 2021

Get what you need ahead of time as these New York stores will be closed on Thanksgiving!

Crossgates Mall 1984

This is what the Crossgates Mall looked like when it opened in 1984.

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