It looks like the famous hackers Anonymous are at it again, this time their target was the Syrian Electronic Army. 

According to reports, the attackers are claiming to have compromised SEA’s servers and obtained members’ names along with user IDs and passwords under the hashtag #OpSyria.

According to a news published by The Register, a group claiming association with Anonymous now says it has compromised SEA databases and servers.

But, SEA declined that they have been hacked (krebs reported and explained).

“We can guarantee our website has never been hacked, those who claim to have hacked it should publish their evidence. Don’t hold your breath,” members of the group told Mashable in an interview published on (Aug 30 2013). “In any case we do not have any sensitive or personal data on a public server. We are a distributed group, most of what we have and need is on our own machines and we collaborate on IRC.”"

So did they really get hacked? Follow the story by Clicking Here.

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