All you'll probably end up hearing about the Oscars today is that Anne Hathaway had a wardrobe malfunction. Her nipples were hard and poked through her dress. She had a nip-slip. We have provided the perfect nipple humor for your Monday:

1) Anne Hathaway's Nipples were so hard they could have cut glass.

2) Why did Anne Hathaway show off her nipples? If she didn't her boobs would have been pointless!

3) Why did God give Anne Hathaway hard nipples? To make suckers out of all the Oscar losers!

4) Anne Hathaway's nipples: Proving that guys can focus on two things at once.

5) Anne Hathaway's nipples are like the sun. Ok to look, but dangerous to stare. Remember, that's what sunglasses are for.





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