The debut album by former Police guitarist Andy Summers' new band, Circa Zero, is recorded and mastered. But they're still trying to decide how, and with whom, to release the record, even though they played their first show last month in Los Angeles.

Summers recently told Rolling Stone that the high-energy songs "trudge like rock," with the exception of one ballad. "It is a bit of a long-play-feel album," added multi-instrumentalist Rob Giles. "It's not like filler, really. We love all the songs." (Drummer Emmanuelle Caplette rounds out the trio.)

Last month, the group released a 69-second video on their website that showed the band in the studio. The clip begins with a short anecdote before launching into a guitar-fueled alt-rock jam. "We open them up, typically, like you would do from the album, add in little bits and pieces to open them up, make them more live," Summers said of the songs.

Even though there's no set release date for the collection of songs Circa Zero recorded, Summers said they will be out "pretty soon."

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