Ripping through Price Chopper in on a dirt bike and posting the video on YouTube can land you in a heap of trouble.

23-year-old Traitin Knight slapped on a GoPro camera and tore through the Schenectady Price Chopper produce section, does a wheelie by the tide display, then speeds out the door by check out registers, while yelling 'open sesame.'

There's no word on his motive, but his YouTube channel has several other videos under his account JustDoItTray.

The Daily Gazette reports that  Knight has been charged with one count of misdemeanor reckless endangerment in connection with the Sept. 1 incident, and is facing a felony count of stolen property possession and an operating an unregistered motor vehicle ticket. The Daly Gazette reports the stolen property charge is for a 2015 Kawasaki motorcycle Knight allegedly possessed Monday. The dirt bike was reported stolen on September 8, and it's not known if that is the bike used in the Price Chopper stunt.

Anyone who was in the store at the time or sees themselves in the video is asked to call Schenectady police.

We want to know about the person who took the second video of Knight as he exited the store. Is that person charged with anything? Were they in on the act too?


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