Even though the world is facing a Coronavirus Pandemic, here in Central New York things are starting to turn around as Summer begins. With the season's change come a few things that can be a minor nuisance, like wasps and bees.

Several sources indicate that a simple, at home remedy, will help keep the stinging pests away from your back patio or outdoor entertainment space. If you go to your kitchen or pantry and pull out a brown paper lunch bag, a handful of those plastic bags you save but rarely ever use and some string. The rest is a breeze.

According to 'Home and Garden Ideas,' you'll first take the bag and fill it up as far as you can with either the plastic grocery bags or you can even use newspaper. You're probably wondering what's the point behind all this. Well, we'll get to that. Once the bag is filled you want to make sure it takes an oval shape, like that of a wasp's nest. 'Home and Garden Ideas' says, "Wasps will normally stay away from the vicinity of the fake paper bag nest because they don’t like confrontation with other wasps."

Once you have the bag and its contents filled and shaped you can take the string, wrap it around the top of the bag and tie the other end to a porch railing or deck awning. That will give other wasps and bees the illusion of a nemesis pest. It's something fun you and the kids can do together. Enjoy your summer, bee free!

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