Wow, all you can eat fries.  Would that lure you into the dining establishment that offered that?  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't, even if I did have one of my crazy cravings for fries.  But what if they were McDonald's fries?  Nah, still wouldn't get me.  Even though I'm not that health conscious, I do actually try to limit my intake of food.  I hear that not limiting intake of food could lead to obesity.  Maybe you heard that too.

All you can eat fries, though?  Realistically, how many do you think you could eat?

Well, according to, there is a McDonald's restaurant that is doing exactly that.  Offering all you can eat fries.  This place exists in St Joseph's MO.  This franchise is also ready to offer ordering food via kiosk, not a cashier.  Hey Missouri, I can hear you getting fatter from here.

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