A day in the life of a state trooper is never the same as the next. One day they're patrolling the highway for reckless drivers and the next, they're helping rescue animals who have lost their way.

Trooper Connor Meier from the New York State Police in Deposit really got a unique experience when he helped a pair of lost horses get back to their home in Windsor. The horses were in a field when State Police snapped some pictures of them with Trooper Meier.

New York State Police

I mean, how majestic it that shot?! Now all Trooper Meier needs is a cowboy hat!

New York State Police

With the vast number of wild creatures and farm animals in Upstate New York, our local police officers always seem to be willing to go the extra mile to save those who can't help themselves.

Earlier this year, Officer Neena Testa with the Cortland County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to help a goat who had somehow gotten its head stuck in a fence. Officer Testa stepped up and moved the goat's head, allowing it to wriggle free from the fence and roam around more comfortably.

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