Alison Brie stars in ‘Community,’ ‘Mad Men’ and many amazing GIFs. Much of the 29-year old’s charm is how comfortable she is with her body.

Apparently Brie learned to embrace all of her parts at college, which for her was clothing optional. Yes, you read that right, the only time students at the California Institute of the Arts had to cover up was when they were in the cafeteria. Brie further dished on her unique education during an appearance on ‘Conan.’

Learn just how naked the voluptuous brunette used to get around campus.

So if you happened to attend CalArts about a decade ago you would have seen Brie regularly jogging through the quad naked. She also occasionally hung nude from trees “like a monkey.” College — YOU did it wrong.

Since Brie appears on a TV show about college, we would strongly suggest ‘Community’s’ writers incorporate some of these tales of nude shenanigans in next season’s plotline. It would be the only reason to watch NBC.