A glut in the gasoline supply is usually great news for consumers. However, part of the glut is due to the fact that so many consumers aren't on the road due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

AAA Northeast is out with it's annual forecast for Memorial Day travel. Because of the ongoing crisis, Memorial Day 2020 could mark a record low for travel during the holiday, officials said.

“Gas prices around Memorial Day have not been this cheap in nearly 20 years. However, as the country continues to practice social distancing, this year’s unofficial kick-off to summer is not going to drive the typically millions of Americans to travel,” said Patti Artessa, Regional Director of AAA Public Affairs. “Despite inexpensive gas prices, AAA anticipates this year’s holiday will likely set a record low for travel volume.”

As of today, the national US average for regular unleaded gas is $1.87. In New York State it's $2.15. Here in the Utica-Rome market, AAA says the average price is $2.12. A year ago at this time, the average price in Utica-Rome was $2.89.

AAA always encourages motorists to shop-around for low prices, but don't go too far otherwise the savings aren't worth the trip. Locally, you can find several stations posting a price just above $2.00. But, when factoring in membership discounts or cash-payment-discounts, there many area drivers paying less than two-bucks per gallon.



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