Fresh produce from local stores and Farmer's Markets are a healthier option when it comes to the table but often it can be more of a hassle than it should be. One Central New York farm is taking steps to help everyone in the community eat healthy in 2018.

Wagner Farms of Rome is offering a CSA or Community-Supported Agriculture program to help cut costs on buying fresh produce throughout 2018. The CSA model is a much more involved program that allows the Farm and the consumer to share in the development of a 'community farm.' The consumer pays a set amount up front at a discounted rate to pick up fresh produce all year long and any excess produce is then donated to back to the community.

"...You are simply prepaying for your food needs up front and able to stop in during the growing season and pick up produce fresh from the field sometimes picked while you wait..." - Wagner Farms.

First introduced in 2017 to Wagner Farms, the excess from the CSA program paid for more than 30,000lbs of fresh produce that went to over 30 organizations and over 10,000 local people.

Photo Credit - Wagner Farms
Photo Credit - Wagner Farms

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