Have you ever heard someone say these things around a campfire?

As I may have mentioned before, I'm an avid camper and love nothing more than a nice campsite in one of the beautiful state parks throughout the Adirondacks.

While sitting around a campfire in the middle of the woods there are a lot of things said; some funny and some serious, but there are some things I doubt you will ever hear in those moments, so I decided to make a list of them.

1. Hey look, a crocodile!

Because the last thing you will see in the Adirondacks is a croc....a bear or owl maybe, but never a crocodile.

2. That's way more firewood than we need

The basic rule of thumb for firewood is: look at your pile and when you think its big enough, triple it. Nobody will ever have too much firewood around a campfire.

3. It's getting dark, time to go inside

Let's face it, even if you have a beautiful luxurious camper you're only using it to sleep in (or maybe to cook a huge meal) and since it gets dark a bit earlier in the woods who calls it a day at the first sign of darkness? I'll admit I may have accidentally stayed up until dawn a few times just because I didn't have a clock.

4. Beer? No way I'll take water!

Everyone needs to hydrate, but the main ingredient in beer is water so you can kill two birds with one stone. Seriously anyone who doesn't want at least one adult beverage around a campfire better be under 21.

5. Boy I wish it would hurry up and rain already!!

Ok this one is pretty obvious. Who wants to get rained on during a camping trip?

6. We should quiet down

With some music playing and a few adult beverages, it can be easy to ramp up the decibel level. I'd prefer to have an authority figure ask us to quiet down rather than being the Debbie Downer in the crew. Nobody wants to be that guy.

7. I love bug bites!

If you've ever returned home from camping covered in bug bites you know this one. I can't imagine anyone enjoying getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and black flies.

There you have it. Things you will never hear around an Adirondack campfire. If by chance you do hear these things regularly, my advice would be to re-think who you camp with.

Happy Camping!

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