It's not exactly the lighting of the Christmas Tree at The White House, but it's a big holiday tradition for me! Each year, I travel up to the Burke Library on the Hamilton College campus in Clinton to take out "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. This is no ordinary book, and that's why I bring my daughter along to document the event!

Every year, I make the trek to the Hamilton College library second floor to get a 1923 commemorative edition of "A Christmas Carol". It's a little brown book that was reprinted back in the 1920s in the exact typeface and with the same vintage illustrations as Dickens' original 1843 edition.

Greg McShea at Hamilton College library kneeling
photo Lauren McShea

The only problem is that the book is so old, the last page is missing. The solution?

I check out another version of "A Christmas Carol" so that I can read the last page. Yeah, I know, that's a little out there, but I enjoy reading this one particular edition of the Scrooge story, so it's worth it.

I am still amazed that my 20 year old Hamilton College library card still scans, but it does!


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