Fido is a part of the family too, so of course, he gets a gift (in some cases many many gifts)!

Our pets are a big part of the family, so yes, they make the Christmas shopping list. They might even have a stocking hung by the chimney with care.

Rover and Santa go way back. Why do you think they get along so well when you take him for his annual Christmas photo.

Petco held a survey in November, and it reveals pet parents will be purchasing more gifts than ever this year. Treats and toys are the most popular gifts. Next up is personalized collars, food dishes, blankets, and beds.

A new survey from IG Design Group says 25% of pet owners will sign their pet's name on the annual Christmas card and another 8% send cards exclusively from their four-legged friends. reports 5% of pet owners will spend more than $100.00 on family pets. The survey also said:

  • 7% of pet owners dress their pets up.
  • 5% have given their animal a social media account.
  • 7% of owners have spent over $20,000 keeping their pets healthy.

Katy Harris who lives in London admits Daily Express that she spends more on her three dogs than her husband for Christmas. Boston Terriers Beau, Sooty, and Noodle are spoiled with cashmere, personalized stockings, a day at the spa and gourmet treats and dinner to the tune on $4,400.

Findings from Animal Friends reveal 20% of people prefer to cuddle with their dog over their partner. Other Findings:

  • 33% of people prefer the company of their dog over their partner while on the sofa.
  • 10% of spouses get jealous of the amount of time the other half spends with the pet.

We would love to see your pooch decked out for Christmas! Send us your photos!

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