This is the time of the year where people start going nuts with decorations, and to be honest, we don't mind. Check out these 9 spooky Halloween displays.

Sure, do more people put up intricate and ornate displays for Christmas? Yeah. But the ones for Halloween seem to just be more impressive. When you see a good Halloween display, you pretty much have to stop and snap a picture. Plus, some people really go all out. Like the first picture down below. Some people go really crazy, while others will put up orange decorative lights. Either way, they are all very spooky, and cool.

That first picture was taken next to the village court building in Whitesboro on Park Avenue. It is easily visible if you're coming from Marcy over Mohawk Street toward Route 69 on the left-hand side as you drive by. And it is very, very impressive. So many skeletons are hanging and other Halloween and horror movie staple characters taking up all of the front of the home.

But that is just one of many displays all throughout Central New York. Surely there are more than the 9 Halloween displays pictured can be found all over the area. If you happen to see one, share a picture with us and let us know where it is. Maybe you even have a really cool and ornate display in front of your home, we would love to see the masterpiece.

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