It looks like America is going for a change from their usual fast food favorites like hamburgers and french fries. Luckily, those other options are located right here in the Central New York area.

A new report was released from the "American Consumer Satisfaction Index," which rated the Top 9 fast food chains, based on almost 5,000 people who were surveyed about their experience with fast food.

The results?

Well, more people are getting away from burger and fries, and it looks like pizza places are taking over - With three of them making the list. Out of all the restaurants on the list, 8 of them can be found in Utica, New Hartford, and places all throughout Central New York.

Here is the list of the Top 9:

9. Domino's
8. Chipotle
7. Subway
6. Dunkin Donuts
5. Arby's
4. Panara Bread
3. Little Caesars
2. Papa Johns (which is now open in New Hartford)

And the #1 fast food chain ranked by consumers is the only one that isn't in the Central New York Area. Actually, the closest location is in Pennsylvania:

1. Chick-fil-A




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