There is a secret to this sport and this year I'll find it and change my game. Thanks to Golf Digest I may actually cut a few strokes this Spring. So here are the 7 most common mistakes in golf.

1. Talking to your partner's ball, if your trying to start a fight this would be a good way to
start. Especially if the ball ends up in a water hazard.

2. Not getting fit for clubs. It does matter and you should be looking at any advantage you can get on the course.

3. Never cleaning your bag especially if you enjoy walking everything adds weight to that bag. Old balls like a dozen or so. Old gloves, rain suit, rangefinder, you get the idea, remember that adds weight and really saps your energy to haul that bag around.

4. Instead of trying to practice putting at a distance of 15 to 25 feet work at a distance of 4 to 8 feet. This is more likely to be the distance of most of your putts.

5. Not shouting "Four" Don't think your errant tee shout will land near that worker pruning bushes? Shout "Four".

6. Aiming at nothing. For goodness sake pick something to aim at, a tree a bench, but pick something,

7. Exploding when you play badly. When people get angry about little things, like golf, it's because they're really angry about big things, like life. We're not PGA players trying to make the cut so relax, and enjoy the fact that you can spend the time to play.

Hit 'em long and straight.


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