The Tokyo owner of 7-Eleven will soon begin to rebrand the newly acquired stores from Sunoco to 7-Eleven in upstate New York. What we're beginning to see here in the east are the convenience stores that dominate in the west.

The well-known slogan for 7-Eleven was considered by most marketing experts as the best ever created. Oh, Thank Heaven For 7-Eleven.

When I lived out West We saw a huge amount of  7-Eleven' seemed like there was one on every corner. The holding company that runs the stores also controls over 7,000 stores including Sunoco branded outlets,

.According to 7-Eleven other Sunoco brands such as APlus, Laredo Taco, Ladson Grill, and Stripes will continue to operate as the sale is completed.

Stewart's shops that have sold Sunoco-branded gasoline, including stores in Watertown, Brownville, Gouverneur, and Potsdam--will continue selling it, but 7-Eleven will now collect the revenue.

The entire transaction totaled $3 Billion according to the Federal Trade Commission

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