Best beers for a party. Chances are you won't get two people that give you the same answer and most cases each person has a distinct taste for the beer they think is the best. There is nothing worse than a skunky beer to get your party derailed in a big hurry.

In most cases, the cheaper the beer the cheaper the ingredients and that also will make for second-rate hops, malting, milling, mashing, boiling, fermenting.

Here are the top 7 beers good for a complete party.

# 7 Bud Lite - Lite Lager

#  6 Heinken - Pale Lager

#  5 Cerveceria Modelo Corona Extra - American Adjunct Lager

#  4 Yuengling Premium Beer

#  3 Samuel Adams .Boston - Lager

#  2 Blue Moon Pale Ale - Pale ale

# 1 Stella Artois Lager - Pale Lager

Then there is one more ingredient that will really make any beer much better and ingredient is a nice hot day and a nice cold beer, You might find the same thing I did and that has each person coming too the party bring a six-pack and your party will always have everybody's favorite and give you a clue on what to have on ice for the next party.

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