The saga continues.... Remember those buffalo that broke out of their enclosure in Central New York last week? Well, 64 of them are still on the loose and their farmer is looking for new avenues to corral them back if they don't return soon.

Brian Grubb, the owner of Bison Island farm in Schoharie County, told that he's considering tranquilizing the 64 buffalo so he can build a corral around them and then herd them back into trailers when they wake up.

It sounds like a last-ditch effort since the herd has been loose for over a week and has stopped to graze in Central New York hayfields along the way. At, one point, they made it as far as 10 miles from their farm, reaching into Otsego County, according to the Albany Times Union. After it seemed like the entire herd was heading back to Grubb's farm, only eleven of the 75 buffalo made it home.

But the New York Department of Environmental Conservation is urging Central New Yorkers to stay away from the herd and keep the guns away. Not only are buffalo unpredictable, but they are also considered private property and it's illegal to kill them, even if they show up on your property.

"The bison are not considered wildlife so no DEC permits or licenses apply," the DEC told “Their destruction without the permission of the owner could trigger other legal consequences. Anyone seeing a bison on their property should immediately call law enforcement."

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