There's lots of snow in central New York thanks to Winter Storm Stella and there's lots to do in the snow with your kids .

Go sledding on a beach towel - I know what you're are thinking. This will never work. Oh ye of little faith. Give it a shot. You'll be surprised.

Build an igloo - The kids  in the neighborhood will love it, especially if it's been built to their size.

Build a snow slide - This will take a little longer but it's worth it. This is the time to get your neighbors involved in this huge project.

Build a giant chair out of snow - Another time that getting your neighbor involved will help and shorten the construction time a lot.

Make a snow fort - Then have a huge block party snowball fight.

Take a walk - Go out with your partner and listen to the quiet sound of snow falling.

Don't let the end result of Stella spoil any of your fun outside, OK, maybe a little shoveling first then fun with the kids.



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