Here are a few New York beaches we hope you get a chance  to check out.


1. Gorgeous Green Lakes State Park (Fayetteville, NY)

Just when you thought the greenest thing you ever laid your eyes on was a delicious bowl bowl of Utica Greens, we get hit with an emerald green jackpot. Lake Tahoe is home to the crystal clear, sparkling blue water, and Green Lakes is home to just that, lakes that are green.

Fortunately for us, it's not the murky ugly green that you'd be afraid to swim in. In fact, according to

The stunning water at Green Lakes State Park will have you pinching yourself, it's color and clarity are out of this world. This park is also a favorite spot for camping amongst our residents and we love splashing around in the Green Lakes water!


Lake George's Priceless Million Dollar Beach (Lake George, New York) named Lake George's beach "One of the 6 Most Beautiful Lakes in The U.S." We can't disagree with their statement either; many of us have visited this little gem on several occasions, and we're never disappointed.

There's never a shortage of fun things to do in Lake George either; in fact, we named them one of "New York's Tiny Towns You Won't Get Bored In."


Wisk Us Away to Sandy Island Beach (Pulaski, NY)

If spending a summer day on a sand dune sounds like a fun idea, you need to check out this bird watching ,and sunbathing paradise. People aren't the only ones who like this place though; here's some deer enjoying a beach vacation.

The sand dunes are typically found only in salt water environments which is why Sandy Island is so incredibly special. According to NY

The Dunes were formed by wind and wave motion of a giant inland sea that preceded Lake Ontario. The area is the only significant freshwater dune site in the northeastern United States.


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