If you're an adrenaline junkie looking for your next big thrill, we've got 5 places  you can take a leap in Upstate, New York. 


***Cliff jumping is dangerous. People have died or have been seriously hurt participating in the sport.  Before jumping, verify legality, water depth, and please  use common sense.

Calf's Pen (Lake George, NY)

If the thought of jumping off a cliff gets your heart racing, make the trek to Lake George and dive in. According to Every Trail.com:

You will be able to climb the rocks and jump into the water below. There is a place for you to climb out safely and the water is very deep. There are several levels to jump from so take your pick. You will have great views out over the lake as well.

For directions on how to get there CLICK HERE.


Furlong Cliffs (Durham, NY)

If you're up for a road trip to the Irish town of Durham, prepare yourself for a day full of fun and adventure. Not only is Durham home to one of the best cliff jumping spots in New York, but after you've had your fun in the sun, swing in to the Wayside Inn for one of the best steaks you'll ever sink your teeth into.


Christine Falls (Wells, NY)

Adrenaline junkies often head to this cool spot located near the North Country town of Speculator. According to Adirondack Experience.com:

From the parking area locate the path to the back of the parking area. The falls can be heard from the parking area. The walk is a rocky downhill slope to a rocky spine overlooking the falls. This is a popular swimming area, but it should be used with extreme caution.

After you've had your adrenaline fill, swing into one of New York State's most unique department stores.They sell everything from seafood, to sporting goods.

Click HERE for directions.


Dunkley Falls (Johnsburg,NY)

The North Country beckons you again, so add this location to your thrill list. According to New York Upstate.com:

It's not summer in Upstate New York unless you've taking a ride on a rope swing at least once. You can find one just downstream of Dunkley Falls at the swimming spot known as "Black Hole" by the locals. Both are part of the Mill Creek, which flows into the Hudson River.

Click HERE for directions.


Trenton Falls (Trenton, NY)

Situated on the West Canada Creek, this Oneida County gem attracts thrill seekers from miles away. According to Northeast Waterfalls.com:

They are now open on a limited basis. West Canada Creek drops over several falls in the formation known as Trenton Falls including Upper High Falls, Lower High Falls, Village Falls, Cascade of the Alhambra, Sherman Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Mill Dam Falls.

Click HERE for directions.



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