Some things in life are flat-out hard. Parents do the best they can to warn you about things you'll encounter as an adult, these are things we should have gotten a better warning about.

When you're a kid, you think life is just so darn hard. Then you become an adult and you long for the time in your life where you had absolutely zero responsibility. As a kid, you have nothing other than school you have to do. When you become an adult, you have to figure out can I do this? Do I want to do this? Even things like that were just decided for you as a child. It truly is the little things that kids take for granted. But how do you tell a child that? Here are the things that our parent's really should have given us a better warning on.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

As a kid, you had to do chores. Chores felt like the worst thing in the world because all you wanted to do was be with your friends or watch TV. Chores were a way of teaching you how to clean. Or was it a way of your parents getting someone else to do their cleaning? You never get prepared enough as a kid for how much cleaning you'll have to do.

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Taxes for some are atrocious. Depending on what you do for work, doing taxes can be a complete nightmare. The way you become lucky is if you either don't have a child, or you have a job that withholds the correct amount. If you're an independent contractor, you have to save money and take care of the taxes yourself. Should have had more of a warning.


Keeping a schedule I feel like is something parents try to warn you about. But whatever they do, kids are just rebellious and don't want to hear it. Then adulthood comes and you're completely unprepared. Scheduling things and when you'll do them is not all that easy.

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Hear me out on this one. You aren't warned about napping, you probably were encouraged to take a nap. Parents should warn you about how detrimental it can be to take a nap at five o'clock in the afternoon. As an adult, that means you will be up all night.


Losing things. It will just happen but you never get told how often it will happen. I think as technology has improved over the years, losing remotes is a thing. When you have five remotes that control numerous things, you are bound to lose one. But parents truly never warn enough about how often you will misplace things.

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