If you want to keep your wife happy at Christmas, put a little thought into the gifts you get for her. Here are a few things you might want to stay away from.

1)  Stereo equipment- How will this benefit her? She knows in the back of her mind it is for your listening pleasure not hers.

2) 60 inch flat screen television- No way, it will only send the message that you are planning on having friends over for football on the weekends and of course the big Super Bowl party in February.

3)  A vacuum cleaner- This solidifies the fact that house work sucks and she is not doing enough of it.

4)  A tread mill- You will be a lot better off just to save the money and tell her right out that she is getting a little bit chunky. No one wants to think about doing 5 miles on Christmas morning or any other morning.

5)  A snow mobile- unless she is into riding, in that case buy 2 or she will figure out that it is just another reason for you to get out of the house with your buddies. Unless she tells you she wants one of these things for Christmas I would stay clear of them.