Everyone will tell you about picking up extra pens and folders while back to school shopping. Will people tell you to pick up extra things that will help make your school day flow much better? Here's 5 items our Intern Josh suggests to add to your back to school shopping list.

1) Gum

Gum is a product you can bring anywhere to go. It’s a product that is chewable for hours. I also consider it a good stress reliever. Once you take a piece out and you start to chew it, you’ll start to relax more. If you want to be a real good friend, give them a piece if they are starting to stress out. Gum is an absolute great item to bring back to school and you should always bring a piece with you every day.


2) An Extra T Shirt

During school you should always expect the unexpected. You can have your shirt stolen in the locker room after gym class. You might have ketchup be dumped all over your shirt. An important thing for school is to always look good. Remember bring an extra shirt because stains are hard to get off. Keep it in your locker or your book bag so that way you can go into and be prepared to change your shirt so stay looking good for the rest of the day.


3) Glasses Container

Mainly for people who wear glasses or contacts, it’s a good idea to bring a container with you for your glasses. For people who use glasses just for reading, bring them with you always. If you’re going into gym, have your container there so you can put your glasses in there safe and sound, because who knows what happens in the locker room. If you decided to take them off at any time for whatever reason, put them in the container. I suggest for those who wear glasses to bring a container with you for your safety for your vision.


4) Mirror

Mainly most girls and few guys bring a mirror and put them in their locker. For guys, if you want to use a locker to check to see if your hair looks good or if you care about not looking kind of trashy, then have a mirror with you. For girls, if you also care looking good and if you want to check your make up or your hair, your own mirror will be good help for you. Mainly there are mirrors in the bathroom but people would also rather prefer using their own mirror. With that being said, a mirror in your locker is a good item to bring to your school.


5) A Water Bottle

When you go back to school, the weather will start to get cold again. At first though you will still have the warm summer weather. The summer weather this year was hot and it will be hot at school as well so it’s best to stay hydrated. The best way to stay hydrated while in school is to have a bottle of water with you. Depending on some teachers, some of them do not like having special drinks in their class, but they will all be ok with you having water with you. Drinking water will keep your body healthy and it’s a good way for you to not be dehydrated during the day. With all of this said I recommend people bringing a bottle of water with them to school and keep it In your book bag so you can drink it whenever.


***This post was written by our intern Josh Gubbins of Westmoreland. Josh is entering his senior year, and we wish him the best of luck.***