New York has some great places to take the whole family to see New York and the Adirondacks at their greatest, here are 5 great places to get you started.

# 5  Tully - New York

Here is a great hike for the family with a lot more to do than you would think on the surface. Rattlesnake Gulf has several things you can do. There are rope course, zip lines, mazes and canoe rentals and a three mile- hike to go to all four waterfalls. Bring shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. Recommended for people that can walk up hills climb on rocks and walk through water. There is a $4 dollar charge for a day pass.

# 4  Fillmore Glen -  Moravia, New York

There are five waterfalls at Fillmore Glen State Park on this moderately hard hike. This is a hike that will take you up 700 feet and end up walking about four miles if you take all the trails. Once the weather warms up you can take advantage of the huge swimming hole at the end of your hike as all trails lead back to where you started. In addition, you can take your dog just make sure it is kept on a leash.  the cost is $7 per car.

# 3  Carpenter Falls - Niles, New York

If you're looking for an easy hike then this may be the one for you and the family from the main trail Carpenter Falls is a somewhat easy hike of .1 of a mile. The main trail continues another 0.5 miles to Skaneateles Lake. You can make this hike a loop by using the Old Jug Path and Appletree Point Road this will take you on a hike of 2.3 miles and the road has a pretty steep climb.

# 2  Chimney Bluffs - Wolcott, New York

Without a doubt, you will see some of the best landscapes on Lake Ontario.There are several hiking paths that would lead you to see this amazing bluffs. Take care near the edge of the bluff as the ground is not very stable.The view is great so you shouldn't need to get close to the edge. This is a freebie and that makes it even better.

#  1 Watkins Glen - Watkins Glen, New York

Let's take a trip south in the state. This will be a hike. Watkins Glen is a 2.5mile hike and goes through all of the falls, and then 2.5 miles back. While you are hiking you will be going up 832 steps with a number of different trails parting off the mail trail, the gorge trail. this hike will take you under and behind many of the falls as you work your way through the trail. This is a great day trip and the cost is $7per car.

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