Just as summer is winding down and the predictions for a warm fall and winter start rolling in the Fall Foliage report is calling for some amazing color this year, you could break out of your comfort zone and try a different way of looking at fall foliage in the Adirondacks. Here are some creative ways you can take in the color this Fall.


Rock Climbing

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If you're the adventurous sort and have no fear of heights you could climb your way to the best views of fall foliage. The views from Mount Azure, Shawgunk Mountains, Moss Island in Little Falls and Poke-O-Moonshine are fantastic, at least that's what my friends have told me.

Boat Tour

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A more relaxing take on the foliage is taking one of the many lake cruises that lead you deep into the Adirondacks with dinner or lunch on you 2-3hr cruise. Whether it's a Fall Foliage Cruise from Old Forge Lake Cruises, a dinner cruise from Raquette Lake Cruises, lunch on Lake George or even a trip on the Erie Canal.


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Taking a scenic train ride with the Adirondack Scenic Railroad is an easy given with multiple stops throughout the Adirondacks along with the option of even grabbing a rail bike for a different-more quiet trip.


photo credit - P.W.Creighton
photo credit - P.W.Creighton

Again for the more adventurous sort you can grab a quick plane ride just north of Old Forge from Payne's Air Service to get a completely different perspective on the fall foliage and marvel at the sheer size of the Adirondacks.


Driving In The Adirondacks
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This is the time for a Sunday drive especially if you have convertible or a classic car, you can throw it in gear and enjoy a winding road in the cool air while taking in the fall color. Route 28 North through the Adirondacks is your go-to drive to hit all of the best spots.

Bonus - Chairlift

Christchurch Adventure Park Reopens Following Port Hills Fires
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Another interesting approach is to grab ride on a chairlift from McCauley Mountain in Old Forge, you won't miss the snow and the views are amazing.

Summer is just about to go but one of the best seasons is just around the corner with the cool air and the fall colors. My complaint it just doesn't last long enough but at least you can say you went on an adventure with one of these trips.

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