Sometimes the best part of a weeks vacation is a single day trip here are 5 ideas to get you started.

# 5. The Wind Farm near Lowville.

You really can't fathom just how big these things are until you get within a hundred feet or so and find yourself looking straight up and realize you have to back away about a football field from the turbine to see the whole thing.

# 4. The Falls, Niagara of course

No matter how many times you see the falls it's amazing especially if you take the Maide of the Mist boat tour right up to the edge of the falls it will leave you breathless.

# 3. The Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park

Ships from the greatest generation. about a 3-hour drive from Syracuse. The country's largest inland naval park allows visitors to step back in time and history on the shores of Lake Erie. At more than 600 feet is the Cleveland class cruiser USS Little Rock served in the Pacific in World War ll and is the biggest ship in the Buffalo Naval Park.

# 2. Herkimer Diamond Mines

This is an adventure for the whole family. You can rent the tools to commence your search for the elusive double -terminated quartz crystals found only in Herkimer County. You can rent the tools you'll need or bring your own tools. Good luck and you get to keep what you find at The Herkimer Diamond Mines.

# 1. Rosamond  Gifford Zoo in Syracuse

The 43-acre zoo is going prehistoric for the Summer of 2018 and features The 101 Days of Dinosaurs. This exhibit includes more than a dozen massive animatronic dinosaurs which will inhabit the zoo from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The zoo is located in the middle of New York and is an easy drive from almost anywhere in the state.

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