If you take job market, value, quality of life, desirability and net migration you see a very different picture that starts to come into focus. In the northeast four cities that stretch across New York State have been named among the 50 best places to live in America. It's easy to get caught up in the negative news you hear about the Northeast as a whole, inflation, high taxes, the cost of housing the cost of living period.

#39 Rochester, NY

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"The people are the biggest asset for Rochester. you'll find the general population is generally considered to be kinder and more welcoming than their downstate brethren," says Marica Layton Turner local Rochester expert. For decades residents have lived in the suburbs rather than in the city proper. Now it appears there are several developers that are aiming to get people to move back to the city proper and it seems to be working. This is the northeast so be ready for snow. Some places in the northeast hear a forecast for 18 inches of snow and they close up and go home, not Rochester, Rochester average nearly 90 inches of snow a year. Summers in the northeast are in a word, fantastic.

#33 Best Places To Live in the United States in Buffalo, NY

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Usually, when you think of living in the Northeast you don't think of Buffalo. Just the opposite is true today the waterfront is developing and one of the nation's most advanced medical corridors located in the heart of downtown are just two of the signs that this rust belt is experiencing a renaissance."The region has seen increased development including the waterfront HarborCenter hockey center", says Paul Cumbo local Buffalo expert. "Buffalo is only 20 miles away from an international tourism destination: Niagara Falls, Cumbo says  "As for those long winters, there's excellent skiing less than an hour from downtown."

#30 Best Places To Live in the United States in Albany, NY

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Albany is located give or take150 miles from New York City and serves as the capital of New York State and a midway point between the Hudson Valley to the south and the Adirondack Mountains to the north. Katrina Woznicki says, "Albany can be a transient region, with the working population shifting everytime a new governor takes office." With New York state's Finger Lakes wine region to the west and Massachusetts' Berkshire mountains to the east, the region is a springboard for foodies and outdoor enthusiasts alike," says Katrina Woznicki, local Albany expert.

#28 Best Places To Live in the United States in Syracuse, NY

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When you hear someone mention Syracuse, New York, it's likely they're making a weather-related joke. Snow is certainly a part of the Central New York lifestyle, considering residents get an average of 124 inches of it per year.The region has much more to offer than just snow drifts and slushy water. Syracuse is more affordable than other major U.S. metro areas making it a popular place to live for families and retirees. "Young professionals also enjoy the region, both for its prices and because there's plenty to do", says Lauren Levine local Syracuse expert.

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