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As they and I are not natives, we often compare our experiences in this new land to us. How does the food compare? The shopping? The amenities?

One thing that always comes up is traffic.

Many places can be defined by their traffic patterns. People in Los Angeles can't help but mention each highway that they know will take them hours to navigate. New York City is the true definition of a walking town. If you want to get across Nashville by 7pm, you best leave by 2pm.

Here in Utica, things are a little different.

1. There is no traffic

I know there are exceptions but as far as day in and day out, this city is so easy to navigate. We don't need to leave hours ahead of schedule. However long it says it will take by GPS, that's how long it takes. Sure, red lights may slow you down, even though people don't seem to really take them seriously, but it just isn't hard to get anywhere.

2. Even when there is traffic, there isn't.

I have had people tell me about a backup where an event is going on. I think it made them about 4 minutes late. It is a fantastic thing that we have the infrastructure to handle all of us, seemingly with ease. So many places do not.

3. Seriously, there's no traffic.

Accidents happen but the crews take care quickly. Let this serve are your reminder to chill out when you are on the roads. Stop at those Stop signs and red lights. Nothing will hold you up. The road is wide open ahead of you. As far as city traffic goes, we have it easy and we should celebrate that by being mindful of others out there and being less selfish. We will all get there. There is no traffic to stop us.

Be good out there my friends. Enjoy this life. And think twice before deciding that you have to get there nine seconds faster. It is never worth it.

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