Three of the 16 top fish fries in the country are served up in New York.

Fish fries are popular during Lent when Catholics give up eating meat on Friday for 40 days leading up to Easter. So, where can you get the tastiest fish? Mashed rated the absolute best fish fries in the country and three are in the Empire State, one in Central New York.

#3. Sandy & Sons Kitchen - Syracuse, New York

Sandy & Sons Kitchen in Syracuse, once a vacant bowling alley before being transformed in 2011, was named third best in the U.S.

Sandy & Sons Kitchen dredges haddock fillets in an egg-milk dip and coats them with Golden Dipt breading. After frying in 350-degree vegetable oil, the fish is served in a sandwich or with sides.

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#8. Wiechec's Lounge in Buffalo

Wiechec's Lounge in Buffalo has been a mainstay since 1964 and their daily fish fries are so good, the restaurant came in as eighth-best.

You can get the fish fry any day of the week, but on Friday you also have the option to order scallops and shrimp.

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#13. Apple Granny in Lewiston, New York

Apple Granny is a well-known eatery in Niagara Falls that use to be a general store dating as far back as 1830. The delicious fish fries landed Apple Granny at #13 on the best of the best list.

In 1975, John Roberts acquired it and turned it into the beloved institution. In 2015, new owners Chuck Barber and Michael J. Burke took over but made a point to change very little.

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Top 5 Utica Fish Frys

If you don't want to travel to Syracuse or the Buffalo area, there are a number of places to get a top-rated fish fry in Utica and Rome. Here are the Top 5 according to Yelp.

Whitesboro Fish Market - 103 Main Street in Whitesboro, NY

Hands down the best fish fry you can get in the area. Haddock of course is the fish. The price is good by the lb and always nice and crispy with flaky fish. The homemade tartar sauce is amazing! - Larry S.

Club Monarch - 16 Erie Street in Yorkville, NY

Great fish fry! Definitely try the beer batter version. - Stephen C.

Kossuth Fish Market - 300 Kossuth Avenue in Utica, NY

The haddock in their fish fry is excellent. - Megan W.

The Stief - 618 Varick Street in Utica, NY

We drove up from NJ to visit friends and highly recommend if you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere, great food, and drinks! - Thomasine R.

Fresco Fish - New Hartford Shopping Center

If you like fish frys you will love theirs. The best fish fry ever. - Alan S.

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Top 5 Rome Fish Frys

Stan's Sea Food - 726 W Dominick Street in Rome, NY

I have had fish fries at dozens and dozens of places over the years. I was in London this past December and enjoyed every fish and chips dinner I had. But the food at Stan's may very well beat them all. - Stephen C.

Coalyard Charlie's - 100 Depeyster Street in Rome, NY

Beer battered haddock was cooked to perfection. - Marcia C.

DeSalvo's - 413 N James Street in Rome, NY

Stopped here on the way back from the Adirondacks and needed to get fish Friday. Fish is great. - Christopher C.

The Vigneto Restaurant - 229 E Dominick Street in Rome, NY

What a find! I decided to take a diversion from our trip to Niagara Falls so my friend from Rome, Italy could visit another Rome :) and it was a good idea. Everything about Vigneto was nice. - Alan S.

Snubbing Post Restaurant - 8221 Rome Westernville Rd in Rome, NY

The fish fry and macaroni and cheese was very good. The service was good as well. - Eric S.

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From A to Z: Amazing Fish Fries Near Utica, New York You Need To Try

Looking for a new place to go grab your weekly fish fry? We've got you covered. Here's just a few amazing spots we've been to in the area that we think you should try.

*Disclaimer - these are not the only places to get fish fry. There are plenty of others that are just as good. You can find plenty of other recommendations on Facebook.

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