If you thought that cucumbers were only for salads and snacks, you would be completely wrong!

Over the weekend I discovered that there are A LOT of different weird ways to use cucumbers!

The folks at the Gardening Channel came up with 27 different ways. Here are my favorite ones:

Cure hangover.

Because cucumbers have so many nutrients and can eliminate toxins, they are a great natural remedy for ridding the body of the harmful effects of too much alcohol. Try it.

Remove marks on walls.

If your child has gotten a little crazy with the crayons lately, get out a cucumber! The outer peel is great for removing marks on walls. Just rub it on the wall and the crayon markings will come right off. Works on pens and markers, too.

Prevent mirror fog.

Are you constantly waiting for the bathroom mirror to unfog to shave or put on makeup? Before your take a shower, wipe a cucumber across the mirror. It’ll help prevent the after-shower mirror fogs.

Non-caffeinated pick me up.

Whenever you’re feeling a little groggy—from the time you wake up, to a sleepy afternoon, to after dinner—reach for a cucumber instead of reaching for something with too much caffeine in it. Cucumbers have vitamin B and carbs that are great at replenishing your body, they can help give you the energy boost you need. Skip the caffeine and caffeine crashes, snack on cucumbers!

Beat bad breath.

Nothing is worse than bad breath and being out of breath mints. A great alternative is cucumber! Slice some up and hold on the roof of your mouth for 1-2 minutes. It will boost saliva production, which washes away the stinky bacteria.


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