Andrew Zimmern's Travel Show will be visiting Boneyard BBQ and Chesterfield Restaurant will also be featured once again on the Travel Channel, this time on a different show.

Chesterfield posted on Facebook that Zimmern and his crew will be back this Thursday night for a TV shoot for the "Zimmern List," which features all of Zimmern's personal foods, places, and experiences. Last year Chesterfield was featured in "Bizarre Foods." Chesterfield is taking reservations for during the TV shoot on Thursday, which will be 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

photo credit - Google maps/ Google Street view
photo credit - Google maps/ Google Street view

In his quest to experience the most unique traditional fare in cities around the world his quest has brought Zimmern and his crew to Utica once again according to Big Frog 104.

This time Boneyard BBQ was the destination for Zimmern's Show "Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destination". The little unassuming Restaurant is located on the corner of Seward Ave and Roosevelt drive is one of the city's hidden gems, but it won't be for long. there is no word yet on when the local feature will air on the Travel Channel, or what menu item caught Zimmern's attention. Perhaps the pulled pork grilled cheese.


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