2 upstate New York towns are among the Top 50 Summer Hot Spots for 2017 according to Trip Advisor.

Lake George came in at #3 and Lake Placid at #16. Let's pack up the family and head north. Here are the top 5 things to do in both Lake towns.

First Lake George that's the 3rd best Summer Hot Spot this year.

There are several different companies that run tours of the lake and any of them are very good, but do take one if possible.

Waterslide World is the next stop and always a major hit with the kids and the adults that want to feel like big kids.

The north country produces some great wine and Adirondack Winery Tasting Room is sure to be a stopping point for the adults on your visit to Lake George.

Everybody wants to shop at some point during a vacation and the vacation at Lake George is no exception. Just a short drive to the Adirondack Outlet Mall is close by for a quick stop.

Finally and the biggest hit with the family will be The Great Escape, a 6 flags amusement park and the most fun for the entire family.

Now to Lake Placid at #16.

This diverse area of the state was the home of the 1980 Winter Olympic Games. Mirror Lake is the first stop and this lake with take your breath away. You can actually feel yourself relax.

Next in line is the Olympic Ski Jump Complex, and NO you don't want to try this one out. You can walk up to the top and take in the view and look at what the jumpers see. WOW, people actually do this.

On we go to the Bobsled and Luge Complex. You can take a ride down the mountain and start at the midway point. You'll be surprised just how fast these things go and how much you are tossed from side to side. This is one ride you really need to take.

Lake Placid Olympic Village is the next stop and the home of The Miracle On Ice. I recall my thought when I saw this was how small the arena is, it looked bigger on TV. This is a great chance to take in the history of this Mountain town and the site of the games in 80'.

Mount Jo is a nice close to our visit to Lake Placid. This makes a great family hike and great views of the Mountains around Lake Placid. Remember the elevation and take your time hiking.

Try and put your cell phones away for a few days after all it is your vacation. ENJOY



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