People that live in Central New York know what this means, the Cicadas are back and ready to annoy everyone for a couple of weeks of singing, mating, and egg-laying before they die.

Engineering students from Japan, a researcher from New Zealand, a wedding photographer from New Jersey and a web developer from Massachusetts, all have come to Syracuse this month to witness a natural occurrence so rare that it happens only once every 17 years.

The Eastern U.S. is one of only three places in the world with periodical Cicadas. Those are the ones that emerge after a period of years rather than annually. The other spots are the island of Fiji and Northern India.

Central New York's 17 year-Cicadas are known as Brood Vll and this brood is unusual for several reasons. It's composed of a single species instead of several, it's the smallest known brood, and it's the farthest north.

When is all said and done, they don't bite and they won't hurt you. They'll just be annoying for a couple of weeks and then be gone for another 17 years.

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