Here's 10 tips to get your lawn mower ready for Spring. Our thanks to Angie's List for their suggestions.

1. First and foremost review the owner's manual/maintenance section of your mower's manual of what to do and when.

2. Have the right tools handy. Hammer, clamps,socket set, spark plug socket, gap gauge, grease gun, square face screw driver, oil filter wrench, shop vac, side cutter, turque wrench, gloves

3. Clean the mower from last years dirt and dried grass as this could make starting the mower more difficult. this year be sure to clean the mower every 3rd mow all season.

4. Check the spark plug replace if necessary to manufacturer specs.

5. Spark plug maintenance. First set the gap on the new plug. Second, finger tighten the new plug then use a plug wrench to gently tighten.

6. Fuel filters can cause hard starts and that is a signal to change out the fuel filter before the season begins.

7. Fill'er up with fresh gas as gas over 30 days old can cause starting problems.

8. Oil change, replace oil and filter regularly

9. Stay sharp, check the blades as dull blades will make the engine work harder to cut.

10. Grease every fitting, locate fittings by using your owner's manual.

Happy mowing this soon as the snow melts.


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