You'll have to hustle, the end of 2017 is in sight. What are some things you should try and accomplish?

The website came up with plenty of ideas that make total sense to try and accomplish:

1) Make sure your 401K is maxed.

If you get a raise increase your contribution you'll be glad you did for the long haul. Check with your financial advisor for additional moves you can make. with your company as well


2) Winterize your car.

Really do it this time so you don't have troubles in the middle of a snowstorm. We live in Central New York, you know the snow is coming.


3) Switch over your summer to winter clothes

Just take a weekend and get it done.


4) Pack away your patio furniture chairs and anything outdoors the basement.

This could include covering the table with a tarp, clean and pack away your golf clubs, same for your 10 speed


5) Get a plan together for your first getaway trip to a warm destination this time.

If you live in the cold country it's not a vacation if you go somewhere cold and it really doesn't give you anything to look forward too, that is unless you ski. If that is the case, get the equipment.


6) Pack away your summer equipment.

This year really get your skis tuned up and the bindings checked if you are a skier, play some indoor golf and take those lessons over the winter.


7) Really start an exercise program.

This is a must if you are active in the winter and even more so if you are sedentary, you will feel better and there is less chance you will get hurt.


8) Learn a new skill over the winter.

Check with your community college for a list of continuing education classes available. There are always things you can learn and do.


9) Volunteer with an organization.

Do something that is passionate for you. For me, that is helping local pet charities like the local animal shelter.


10) Play some indoor golf.

Why not take those lessons over the winter. that you talked about last summer. That way when it's warmer you will be good to go.





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