We've got ten good reason schools shouldn’t be cutting arts budgets: these great songs about their hallowed halls. After all, if they eliminated music classes, who’s gonna write songs about how cool school is?

  • 10

    Be True to Your School

    The Beach Boys, 1963

    Good clean fun.

  • 9

    Wonderful World

    Sam Cooke, 1960

    At least he learned the important stuff.

  • 8

    Walk This Way

    Aerosmith, 1975

    A playground love story.

  • 7

    Everybody’s Free (to Wear Sunscreen)

    Baz Luhrmann, 1998
  • 6

    School’s Out

    Alice Cooper, 1972

    …for summer!

  • 5

    Harper Valley PTA

    Jeannie C. Riley, 1968

    A soap opera of a song.

  • 4

    Hot for Teacher

    Van Halen, 1984

    For mature audiences only.

  • 3

    Graduation (Friends Forever)

    Vitamin C, 2000

    The song that spawned a thousand tears and hugs.

  • 2

    When I Kissed the Teacher

    ABBA, 1976

    Then? Cute. Today? Jail.

  • 1


    Jackson 5, 1970

    Come on, were we really going to skip this one?

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