When you think of the song "Drift Away," who is the first artist you think about? Probably Dobie Gray, right? Actually, Dobie Gray wasn't the first to sing the song. The original song was sung by John Henry Kurtz. Regardless of who sings it, "Drift Away" is a great song. I put together some of my favorite covers of the timeless song.

John Henry Kurtz's original:

10. Uncle Kracker's version:

9. John Denver and Paul Williams's version:

8. Bruce Springsteen's version:

7. The Doobie Brothers' version (renamed "Give Me The Beat Boys"):

6. John Kay of Steppenwolf's version:

5. Rod Stewart's version:

4. Roy Orbison's version:

3. The Rolling Stones' version:

2. Ringo Starr's version:

1. Dobie Gray's version:

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