Have you ever sold anything on eBay? Usually you have to take a photo of the item you're wishing to sell, and you hope people will bid on it. You want to make sure the photos are really good so that they show off the item. Well, this one woman decided to showcase herself instead and accidentally posted a naked picture of herself along with the yellow dress photo #ebayyellowskaterdress. Meet Aimi Jones (Amy Jones), the girl who decided to take a photo of her dress while naked. We have that photo inside!

The posting was for a fairly generic yellow dress , and that posting has gone viral. In one of the photos of the dress, you can also see her reflection in a mirror to the side, wearing a black bra and nothing down below. Ami's username on eBay was ""sugartit_2" which makes you think this was all to just be seen. But her real account was "aimi_j2702"

The opening price for the dress was just $25, which seems like a fairly low price point to show your junk to the world. That's ok though because she made over £150,000 on it in the UK. Pretty sad right?

So lesson learned, don't be naked when you're taking pictures for eBay, or be naked and make a fortune. I'm thinking it wasn't an accident. This woman clearly knows how to make money!


You can now follow the Ami Jones Yellow Dress on Twitter: @yellowebaydress .



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